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Assignments are Posted gor the Week

We Have a Newsela Class Now!

5 months ago

By Jim Ruby

Follow the link to get to the newsela page for your class.  We may use this as an official assignment locale eventually; however, in the meantime, you can work through the optional assignments I've assigned.

8th graders:

7th graders:

Message to Parents

Resources to Keep Busy While School is Shut Down

5 months ago

By Jim Ruby

Online Resources During the Break


Here are some general tips for what to do with kids during this break:

and here’s one link from the page I thought looked promising if you need an app to provide reading and light guidance:


This site has tons of unique topics and “wonders” posted by students.  It’s a good source for investigating a unique topic while having some guidance on vocabulary and concepts.


BrainPOP is free right now (kids may know the login anyway).  Kids are familiar with BrainPOP and its informational videos.  There are quizzes for each video. has a ton of resources from testing your general writing knowledge to vocabulary builders.  Dig around a bit on the site, and you may find something you want.  I’ll post direct links to some of the resources here:  (punctuation quiz) (crossword puzzles with 2 difficulty levels)


Here’s a list of short stories for 7th-10th graders: If you need questions or other materials for a specific story, let me know, and I’ll find something or put some work together.


Your kids should already know about Khan Academy.  There’s more than just math there:


Kahoot is a site where users can create their own quizzes.  Kids, and I’m not overselling this, can’t get enough of Kahoot; they love it in class.


Scholastic is free right now.  You’ll find plenty of materials for younger readers:

 Time for Kids has some free materials.  It can be a pain to navigate through the paid link, so here are links to the free stuff I've found thus far.