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about 1 month ago

By Kristi Weimer

Choose Joy

Amidst the chaos of the unknown, may you choose JOY!

Know that you are...




Edison Robot

EdScratch Lessons - fall 2020 *Access via 6th grade Teams for more specific details

Unit 1 - Meet Edison 

Lesson 1.1 - Let's Explore our Edison Robots 

due 8/24/20

1.1a -  Change it Up:  Bricks, Blocks & Edison

due 8/24/2020

Lesson 1.2 - Let's Explore Bar-Code Programming

due 8/25/20

Change It Up options:  

(choose 1)

1. Sumo wrestling

2.  Make Your Own Bar Code

3.  TV Remote Control bar codes

due 8/26/20

Challenge Up options:

(choose 1)

1.  Edison soccer

2.  Build & control EdTank

3.  Build & control EdDigger

4.  Build & control EdRoboClaw

due 8/27/20

Lesson 2:  Meet EdScratch

2.1 - Let's explore EdScratch environment 

due 8/28/20

2.1 a. Challenge Up:  Download Another!

due 8/31/20

2.1 b.  Change It Up: Does EdScratch = Scratch? 

due 8/31/20

2.2 Let's Explore Warning Messages

due 9/1/20

Affective Education

*How are you doing working toward your short and long-term goals?

*How might they've changed since moving to remote learning?

*Social-emotional goals?

Quick Links: Getting to Know You
You can do this!
Social isolation is a bummer! How are you handling it?
Social isolation is a bummer! How are you handling it?
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