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As part of our program, we have a seventh-grade team and an eighth-grade team. We need as many players as we can get out. Any player who comes out and meets practice and eligibility guidelines will play. There are 11 offensive and 11 defensive positions to field for each team, as well as special teams. So, there are plenty of positions to play.

We will have practices starting on August 8th. Practices will be held at the middle school practice field beginning at 3:00pm and lasting to 5:00pm. In order to participate in the first game, you must have 9 practices. If you only start practice when school starts you will only have 4 practices before the first game and will not be eligible to participate. Official practice will start on August 17th held at the middle school practice field beginning at 3:15pm. You must have a physical and complete the Annual Data Update in order to get your WHITE CARD to participate on August 9th.

Equipment check out will be August 8th at 3:00 for 8th grade and at 3:30 for 7th grade. Equipment will be checked out at the middle school gym.

Practice Information:

  1. If you cannot attend practice, please contact the coach the day before you plan on being absent. Practices are mandatory. Attendance will be taken before each practice.